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Yoshihiro Jozaki
Japan Prime Realty Investment Corporation Executive OfficerYoshihiro Jozaki

In 2022, the strong impact of the COVID-19 pandemic remained and rise in energy prices and geopolitical risks increased the economic insecurity and uncertainty about the future. Preparing for and being able to respond to such risks are essential aspects of the business activities of JPR, which provides urban infrastructure, and we feel that social demand for such preparedness is growing more than ever before.

JPR has been addressing social issues from an early stage, for instance with the establishment of a JPR brand strategy in January 2006 three years after its initial public offering, which focuses on eco-friendly operation, the delivery of safety and security, and other initiatives. The present time is described as the time of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), in which the ability of JPR to respond to issues is tested. Rather than being content with its early achievements in the industry, JPR is striving to further improve its efforts to achieve sustainability.

The Tokyo Tatemono Group, the sponsor of JPR, is working to develop more sophisticated ESG management as a way to enhance its ability to both address social issues and achieve corporate growth through its operations. Together with Tokyo Tatemono Realty Investment Management, Inc. (“TRIM”), the asset management company, JPR also strives to earn the trust of its stakeholders and achieve sustainable growth while helping to solve social issues.

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