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Characteristics of JPR's Sponsor

About Tokyo Tatemono

Established in 1896 by Zenjiro Yasuda, founder of the former Yasuda zaibatsu, Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd. is the integrated real estate company with the longest history in Japan. Since its founding, it has developed its business in various areas to meet the needs of each era, including office buildings, residences, commercial facilities, and in recent years, logistics facilities.
Tokyo Tatemono develops highly competitive office buildings, etc. and has supplied many properties to JPR. It also effectively supports JPR by temporarily transferring specialized personnel and providing human resources for real estate operation, management, leasing, etc.

For details, visit the Tokyo Tatemono website.

History of Pioneering Efforts

1896 Established by Zenjiro Yasuda, founder of the Yasuda zaibatsu (conglomerate)
Introduced a monthly installment plan for real estate transactions that became the prototype for residential loans in Japan.
Started real estate appraisal business in around 1897
1903 Developed real estate management and operation business in Tianjin, China
1979 Completed “Shinjuku Center Building,” an ultra-high-rise building in Shinjuku, the subcenter of Tokyo
2007 Completed “Kasumigaseki Common Gate,” a large-scale redevelopment project through public-private partnership
2012 onward Completed a series of large-scale office buildings
(completed Nakano Central Park, Tokyo Square Garden, Otemachi Tower and Hareza Ikebukuro)

Development Example