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Disclosure Policy

1. Basic Policy

Under the recognition that the enhancement of information disclosure will have a significant impact on the development and success or failure of the real estate investment trust securities market, we plan to promote "focus on compliance, timely and appropriate information disclosure, highly transparent fund operation through proactive IR activities, and acquisition of trust from companies and unitholders."
Based on such viewpoint, we request the Asset Management Company, to which we entrust management of our assets, to constantly implement fair disclosure from the standpoint of investors.

2. Compliance with Fair Disclosure

Disclosure of important information only to specific third parties shall be prohibited in principle, and if such disclosure is implemented, the information shall be disclosed via our website or other methods without delay.

3. Criteria of Disclosure

We strive to conduct proactive and fair disclosure of information as required by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other related laws and regulations ("Laws and Regulations, etc.") and the securities listing regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange ("Rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange") as well as information deemed useful for investors when making investment decisions.

4. Method of Disclosure

Items for which disclosure is required by the Laws and Regulations, etc. or the Rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange shall be disclosed through the electronic disclosure system of the Financial Services Agency (EDINET), timely information disclosure system of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TDnet) and our website.
In addition, when disclosing information that does not fall under the category of matters that are required to be disclosed in a timely manner by the Rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, such information shall also be disclosed via our website or other methods.

5. Silent Period

A period of one month prior to the announcement of financial results shall be the silent period, and answers to comments and questions related to the financial results forecast shall not be given. However, if significant revisions are expected to be made to the earnings forecast during such period, information shall be disclosed based on the Rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in principle.