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Investment Policy

JPR’s basic policy for building its portfolio is to increase profitability and stability by enhancing growth potential through focused investment in office properties in Tokyo and aiming for diversification by property type and region through investment in a certain proportion of urban retail properties, etc. (retail facilities and hotels located in thriving commercial areas) and properties in major regional cities.

Investment Ratio by Property Type

Type Investment Ratio
Office properties 70~90%
Urban retail properties, etc. 10~30

Investment Ratio by Geographic Area

Area Investment Ratio
Tokyo 80~90%
Other cities 10~20
  • The investment area defined as “Tokyo” covers “Tokyo CBDs” and “Greater Tokyo.” The geographic area classification definitions are as follows:
    “Tokyo CBDs”: Chiyoda Ward, Chuo Ward, Minato Ward, Shinjuku Ward, Shinagawa Ward, Shibuya Ward
    “Greater Tokyo”: the rest of metropolitan Tokyo, Chiba Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture
    “Other cities”: Other regions

Main Investment Criteria

Office properties Focus on locations, specs, improvement potential, etc. that offer highly stable revenue
  • We comprehensively assess size, focusing on buildings with a total floor space of at least 3,300 ㎡ (approx. 1,000 tsubo).
  • We comprehensively assess the specs, including the layout and divisibility of the leasable floor area, ceiling height, floor specs, and air-conditioning system, as well as the potential for improvement after acquisition.
Urban retail properties, etc. Focus on locations in thriving commercial areas where high profitability may be anticipated
Retail properties
  • We comprehensively assess location characteristics, the size of the business area, the standard size and future potential by each business type, etc.
  • We comprehensively assess specific factors such as the property’s versatility as a retail facility and potential for other uses and the transportation methods used by customers.
  • We comprehensively assess the individual location characteristics, the area’s future potential, the transportation methods used by guests, etc.