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Initiatives on Behalf of Tenants

Realizing better customer satisfaction (CS) should create opportunities to invite new tenants as well as to continue contracts with existing tenants. JPR believes that the quickest way to enhance CS is to directly hear the requests and comments of tenants and users and reflect them in the facilities and services. Based on this belief, JPR takes a variety of measures.

Considerations Given to Security and Service

JPR provides high-quality services in consideration of safety and security of all the people who use the properties. By doing so, JPR works to enhance tenant satisfaction.

Emergency response system in case of disaster

  • Use of disaster control manuals
  • Development of emergency contact system

Improvement of parking lot safety

  • Establishment of parking lot safety standards
  • Understanding of current condition and confirmation of conformity to standards
  • Improvement and renewal of facility installation
  • Thorough explanation to managers and users about use

Improvement of staff members’ manners

  • Establishment of a manual for manners
  • Regular checking of manners

Improvement of cleaning levels

  • Utilizing cleaning check sheets
  • Regular checking of cleaning crew

Entrance Performance

  • Placement of flowers at entrance (spring)
  • Creation of Tanabata tanzaku (strips of paper for writing wishes) for tenant participation (summer)
  • Christmas decorations (winter)

Repairs of air-conditioners

  • Strategic repairs based on CS survey results
  • Energy-saving effect
  • Increase in comfort for people in the building

Periodic CS Surveys

Building tenants are important stakeholders of JPR and TRIM, whose good relationships with tenants are considered to contribute to the maintenance of high occupancy and stable revenue. For this reason, JPR has been conducting customer satisfaction surveys periodically since 2005 to facilitate the comfortable use of properties for tenants. Each survey asks more than 20 questions about building facilities, services, and other aspects, and the results are shared with property manager (PM) and building manager to improve services while also being used as one of the methods for PM appraisal.
The surveys are entrusted to a third-party think tank to ensure the fairness of evaluation.

Changes in CS Survey Results

Based on the survey results, JPR addresses the requests from tenants as quickly as possible, endeavoring to improve the issues. Through these continuous responses to tenants, their overall satisfaction (average) has been steadily enhanced.

[ Overview of the 2023 CS survey ]
Overall satisfaction:Average value with 4 points being the highest
Survey period : May 2023 to June 2023
Survey scope : 40 properties with 470 tenants
Questionnaire item : management and administration, responses to tenants, crime prevention and safety, emergency responses and environmental preservation, etc.

Inspection Flow Chart for CS

JPR shares information on the results of tenant questionnaires and the results of PMs' inspection of issues with building managers (BMs) to improve the issues.

PM:property manager(leasing management)
BM:building manager(building management)

Initiatives to Improve the Management Level (Commendation System of the JPR Best Performance Award)

JPR commends the BMs at an excellent management level as a model for other properties by implementing the JPR Best Performance Award based on the results of a CS (tenant satisfaction) survey and the recommendations of the PMs. Because this award is given based on tenant satisfaction, it serves as a significant incentive for the BMs to increase tenant satisfaction. In the buildings that received the Award, the BMs tend to actively express opinions to improve the management level in many cases, suggesting that their motivation has increased.

In addition, because tenant satisfaction is high in buildings that have received the Award, excellent services and efforts in the buildings will be shared with the BMs of other properties, which leads to an improvement in the management level of the entire portfolio.

Recipients of JPR Best Performance Award 2023

JPR Shinsaibashi Building won the Best Performance Award 2023. The management company and local staff of the building are exercising their advanced skills in the management and administration of the building, which is shown in the high evaluation by building tenants as well as by the property manager and the asset manager. In 2023, renovation of the exterior wall was completed, helping to enhance the property value in terms of its facilities, in addition to the above service aspect.
Special awards were given to BYGS Shinjuku Building, Olinas Tower, Tokyo Tatemono Higashi Shibuya Building, Shibadaimon Center Building and Kawaguchi Center Building.

Best Performance Award

JPR Shinsaibashi Bldg.

The special award

BYGS Shinjuku Bldg.

The special award

Olinas Tower

The special award

Shibadaimon Center Bldg.

The special award

Kawaguchi Center Bldg.