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Characteristics of JPR

Track Record of Stable Management

Since listing, JPR has steadily expanded its asset size while enhancing the quality of its portfolio.

Robust Portfolio Focused on Office Properties in Tokyo​

JPR has established a portfolio that is focused on office properties in Tokyo, which feature growth potential, with urban retail properties and office properties in regional cities to complement profitability.

Highly selective investment in properties that provide stable competitiveness

Through highly selective investment focusing on location and quality, JPR has established a portfolio that realizes stable medium- to long-term growth.

Realization of Internal Growth Through High Levels of Operation

JPR has endeavored management that prioritizes stable long-term growth.

Establishment of a Financial Base That Is Stable Over the Long Term

JPR has established a robust financial base with conservative financial management that focuses on stability as a basic policy.

Commitment to Sustainability

JPR seeks improvement in unitholder value and contributes to the realization of a sustainable society through the proactive implementation of initiatives that squarely address social issues.