Growth Strategy Going Forward

Aiming to Achieve Stable Growth over the Long Term

For the 35th fiscal period, JPR maintained a good performance thanks to strong office demand keeping the occupancy rate of its office properties at a high level during the period, as well as higher rents in accordance with contract revisions, among other factors.
Distribution per unit came to 7,380 yen, a new record high since listing, marking the eleventh straight fiscal period with a period-on-period increase.
For the 36th fiscal period ending December 2019 and thereafter, JPR expects distribution per unit to continue showing a period-on-period increase. Going forward, JPR will continue its endeavors to achieve a steady growth in its distributions per unit and the value of its assets over a long term through strategic leasing activities and good communications with existing tenants.

Growth in Distribution per Unit (DPU) and Medium-term


(Note)Distribution per unit as medium-term target is a management target set by TRIM, and there is no guarantee that the figure is achieved.

Factors of stable growth

Quality of the Portfolio
  • Portfolio centering on office properties in Tokyo, featuring both growth potential and stability
  • Quality of individual properties exerting competitiveness
Vigorously Selective Investment in Prime Properties
  • Vigorously selective investment that focuses on location and price
  • Dynamic investment utilizing acquisition capacity
  • Continuous endeavors to reinforce the pipelines
Leasing Focused on Rents
  • Strategic utilization of rent-free periods and value enhancement measures
  • Reinforcement of endeavors to raise new contract rents and upward revision of rents upon contract renewal
Strong Financial Base
  • Financial strategy based on lengthening of loan periods, diversifying repayment dates and borrowing funds at fixed interest rates
  • Appropriate control of debt costs

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