Corporate Governance

Strengthening of Governance

In the belief that it is essential to enhance the soundness and transparency of operations for achieving continuous growth, efforts are being made to reinforce and sustain the corporate governance of JPR as well as TRIM, the asset management company.

Highly Independent Board Composition

  • At JPR, the executive officer and supervising officers have no concurrent assignments as officers of TRIM so as to firmly secure the independence of JPR, the investment corporation.
  • The JPR officers comprise attorneys and a certified public accountant with various experience and expertise, who also have a thorough knowledge of the REIT industry.

Decision Making Based on Stringent Process

  • Upon making decisions on property acquisitions, asset management and other issues, TRIM conducts stringent screening and takes other procedures through designated committees and other institutions.

Stringent Decision-Making Process (for property acquisitions)

Stringent Decision-Making Process (for property acquisitions)

  • For deal projects that fall under certain categories of transactions with interested parties or that require prior approval by JPR's Board of Directors as well as consent by JPR pursuant to the provisions of the Investment Trusts Act, deliberations and investigations are as a rule conducted by the Compliance Committee with regard to the appropriateness and rationale of the subject transactions.

  • An outside attorney has been appointed as a special member of the Compliance Committee.
  • Implementing deal projects approved by the Compliance Committee requires prior approval by JPR's Board of Directors, which comprises directors who are independent of the shareholders of the asset management company. As this indicates, transactions are conducted after going through multiple effective reviews and investigations.