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Management Policy

Management Policy
Maximization of value for investors requires the realization of strong external growth (strengthening earning power by increasing properties under management) and solid internal growth (improvement of profitability of properties under management).
Supported by the professional knowledge and sophisticated management expertise in the fields of real estate and financing of the four shareholders, we establish an appropriate real estate portfolio based on our proprietary in-depth and thorough market research to realize the enhancement of value for investors by ensuring stable income and growth of the fund from a medium- to long-term perspective.
Basic Posture
  • 1.Create a portfolio with strong growth potential through acquisition and sale of real estate with appropriate valuations of individual properties from a professional perspective.
  • 2.Seek long-term improvement in profitability by enhancing the competitive advantage of portfolio properties through quality property management that increases tenant satisfaction and asset value.
  • 3.Fulfill accountability by fulfilling our duty as an Asset Manager in disclosing as much information as possible in plain language.
  • 4.Improve transparency by building a sufficient check system against conflicts of interest.
  • 5.Develop the business while improving corporate ethics/integrity, which is not just limited to compliance with laws and regulations.