Portfolio Data

Portfolio Overview

as of June 30, 2021

Number of Properties Leasable Space Number of Tenants Occupancy Rate NOI yield (before depreciation) NOI yield (after depreciation)
65 496thousand (m2) 804 98.1% 4.8% 3.9%

Diversification by Asset Class and Area

(as of June 30, 2021)

In terms of the investment ratio by asset class and area, the weight is placed on office properties in Tokyo (Tokyo CBDs and Greater Tokyo).

Diversification by Size

(as of June 30, 2021)

JPR owns office properties that range widely by size from very large buildings to medium-sized buildings, which diversify the impact from the market fluctuations.

Tenant Diversification

(as of June 30, 2021)

Office tenants are highly diversified, with the percentage of tenants having a share of 1% or more remaining at a low level.

Ratio of Properties by Property Acquisition Channel

(as of June 30, 2021)

In addition to acquisitions from the sponsors, etc., JPR has ample achievements of acquisitions from sources other than sponsors by taking advantage of the proprietary sourcing ability of the asset management company.

  • (Note 1)The “Investment ratio” and “Tenant Occupancy Ratio” indicates the ratios based on the acquisition price for the latter and the leasable space for the latter.
  • (Note 2)The “Ratio of Owned Office Properties by Size” represents the ratio of the acquisition price of office properties by size (leasable space of an entire building) to the acquisition price of office properties. Very Large : Site area 30,000㎡ or more
    Large : Site area 10,000㎡ to 30,000㎡
    Medium-sized : Site area 3,000㎡ to 10,000㎡
  • (Note 3)Other tenants with the tenant occupancy ratio of 1% and more excludes the sponsors, etc. that are housed as tenants and the tenants of retail properties with many of whom long-term lease agreements have been concluded. The “sponsors, etc.” represent the sponsor companies, their affiliate companies and special purpose companies (SPCs) in which the sponsors have made equity investment.
  • (Note 4)The “Properties acquired from sponsors, etc.” in the “Ratio of Properties by Property Acquisition Channel” represent the total acquisition price of properties JPR acquired from its sponsors, etc. among the properties it owns.
  • (Note 5)The areas are rounded down to the nearest specified unit, and the percentages and other figures are rounded off to the nearest specified unit.
  • (Note 6)Tenant occupancy rate = Leased floor space of respective tenants / total leasable floor space
    The number of tenants indicates the number of end tenants, which shows the actual diversification status, when the tenant subleases the relevant property to sublessees (end tenants), etc. and the subleasing terms and conditions affect the leasing terms and conditions for the tenant.
  • (Note 7)The portfolio status data indicated above have been partially changed recently. Major events have caused the change are as follows:
    ・Property acquisitions:
     Rise Arena Bldg. (additional ownership Oct. 28, 2021)
     GRAND FRONT OSAKA (Umekita Plaza and South Building) (Dec. 24, 2021)
     GRAND FRONT OSAKA (North Building) (Dec. 24, 2021)
     Tokyo Tatemono Higashi Shibuya Bldg. (Jan. 18, 2022)
    ・Property sale:
     Tokyo Tatemono Honmachi Bldg. (Dec. 24, 2021)
    ・Scheduled property sale
     JPR Umeda Loft Bldg. (①Dec. 24, 2021 (60%) ②June. 30, 2022 (30%) ③Dec. 23, 2022 (30%))

10 Largest Tenants

No Tenant Property Leased Space
% in the portfolio
1 Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd. Shinjuku Square Tower
Shinjuku Center Bldg.
Tokyo Square Garden
Olinas Tower
Kawasaki Dice Bldg.
Tokyo Tatemono Honmachi Bldg.
49,720 10.1%
2 ABC Development Corporation Housing Design Center Kobe 35,444 7.2%
3 Seiyu GK Tanashi ASTA 31,121 6.3%
4 Ito-Yokado Co., Ltd. JPR Musashikosugi Bldg. 19,740 4.0%
5 Taisei-Yuraku Real Estate Co., Ltd. Rise Arena Bldg.
Sencity Bldg.
19,534 4.0%
6 The Loft Co., Ltd. JPR Umeda Loft Bldg. 18,586 3.8%
7 Olympic Group Corporation Musashiurawa Shopping Square 9,558 1.9%
8 Tower Records Japan, Inc. JPR Shibuya Tower Records Bldg. 8,076 1.6%
9 Y.K. Tokyo Prime Stage The Otemachi Tower (Land with Leasehold Interest) 7,875 1.6%
10 Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. Kawaguchi Center Bldg.
Sompo Japan Sendai Bldg.
Sompo Japan Wakayama Bldg.
7,292 1.5%
  • (Note 1)The floor space of co-owned buildings corresponding to the portions owned by JPR are indicated.
  • (Note 2)The areas are rounded down to the nearest specified unit, and the percentages and other figures are rounded off to the nearest specified unit.