Basic Financial Information

Basic Financial Data

as of December 31, 2021

Unitholder’s capital 247,860 million yen
LTV (based on total assets) 41.7%
Ratio of fixed interest rate debts 94.2%
Average Interest-bearing Debt Costs 0.73%
Balance of interest-bearing debts 206,900 million yen
Ratio of long-term debts 94.2%
Average maturity 4.6 years
No. of lenders 34 companies
  • (Note 1)LTV ( based on book value ) = Interest-bearing debt / total assets end of latest period
  • (Note 2)Ratio of long-term debt = Long-term interest-bearing debt/Interest-bearing debt
  • (Note 3)Ratio of fixed interest rate debt = Fixed interest-bearing debt/Interest-bearing debt
  • (Note 4)“Average maturity” = weighted average of (the remaining period to maturity of debts and investment corporation bonds at end of each fiscal period / the balance of respective debts and investment corporations at end of each fiscal period)
  • (Note 5)“Average debt costs” = (sum total of interest expenses, interest expenses for investment corporation bonds, borrowing-related expenses (excluding expenses related to early repayment of debts and expenses related to the commitment line agreement), amortization of investment corporation bond issuance costs and investment corporation bond administration expenses incurred in each fiscal period), divided by the business days of the relevant fiscal period or the said period, and annualized by multiplying by 365 days) / average balance of debts and investment corporation bonds for each fiscal period or for the said period
  • (Note 6)Unitholders’ capital has been changed since December 31, 2021 due to recent issuance of new investment units. For more details, please refer to Financials → Matters Related to Investment Units → Changes in Unitholders' Capital.

LTV Trends

as of December 31, 2021

JPR is engaged in conservative financial operations, working to control the ratio at 50% or lower generally in practice.

Credit Rating Status

JCR (Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd.) AA
R&I (Rating and Investment Information, Inc.) AA-
S&P (S&P Global Ratings Japan Inc.) Long-term: A Short-term: A-1

Diversification of Repayment Dates of Interest-Bearing Debts

as of December 31, 2021

JPR works to mitigate refinance risks while having repayment dates of debts more diversified.

*For details of the commitment line, please refer to List of Interest-Bearing Debts

Changes in Average Interest-bearing Debt Costs and Average Maturity

as of December 31, 2021

JPR endeavors to reduce financing costs and keep financial stability lengthening the average maturity.

(Note) The average interest-bearing debt costs has been rounded to the second decimal place, and the average maturity has been rounded to the first decimal place.