Basic Structure



Asset Management Company

Tokyo Realty Investment Management, Inc. (TRIM)

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TRIM has executed an asset management agreement and other arrangements with JPR. Based on JPR's articles of incorporation and the asset management targets and policies depicted thereto, TRIM conducts operations related to asset management (making all judgments on real estate transactions and leasing) as well as operations on fund procurement and reporting to JPR, among other tasks. TRIM was established with the investment of 5 sponsor companies centering on Tokyo Tatemono.



Investment Corporation

Japan Prime Realty Investment Corporation (JPR)
JPR collects funds from investors and manage the funds by investing them in such real estate as office buildings and retail properties. The rent revenues from and gain on sale of such properties, etc. are distributed by JPR to the investors as cash distributions.


General Meeting of Unitholders

The General Meeting of Unitholders corresponds to the general meeting of shareholders of a stock company, and is the supreme decision-making body of an investment corporation. The unitholders have voting rights, in accordance with the number of investment units they own, for certain matters designated by the Investment Trusts Act or


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors corresponds to the board of directors of a stock company, and comprises the executive officer(s) and supervising officer(s) who execute and represent the business of an investment corporation. The Board of Directors have the right to approve such important matters as those related to fund procurement by the investment corporation and outsourcing of asset management and other operations, as well as the authorities designated by the Investment Trusts Act and the Articles of Incorporation and the authorities to supervise the execution of duties of the executive officer(s).


Asset Custodian and General Administrator

Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.
Mizuho Trust & Banking has executed a general administration and asset custodian agreement with JPR to conduct asset custody and general administration operations. The asset custody operation mainly refers to the custody of the title deeds of real estate, retaining JPR's assets separately from its own property. The general administration operations refer to issuance of investment units, administration of bodies (the general meeting of unitholders and the board of directors), accounting, payment of cash distributions and other operations excluding, however, operations regarding investment corporation bonds.


Property Managers

Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd. and others
The property managers conduct maintenance and management of real properties, Their tasks include tenant management operations such as invitation of tenants, contract renewal and cancellation and collection of rents, and maintenance operations such as maintenance and inspection of buildings and facilities. They work to maximize the revenues and asset value of the buildings.