To Our Investors

To Our Investors

We at Japan Prime Realty Investment Corporation (JPR) would like to express our sincere gratitude for the continued loyal patronage you have extended to us.

In June 2002, JPR became listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange as the fifth J-REIT, sponsored by five major companies *1, namely Yasuda Real Estate,191031-95df0b43ba.jpg
Taisei Corporation, Sompo Japan Insurance, Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance, and Tokyo Tatemono, a real estate developer. All of these companies have a long history and track record in the fields of real estate, construction, and finance. Over the years thereafter, JPR endured drastic change in the economic environment due to the global financial crisis and such, but it has continued to grow steadily for 19 years and become a trusted J-REIT that at present owns assets of over 400 billion yen with a combined portfolio of office and urban retail properties while primarily investing in office properties in Tokyo. These years of growth for JPR have been possible only with the support of unitholders and many other stakeholders, and we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for your advocacy and encouragement.

Going forward, JPR will continue working with Tokyo Realty Investment Management, Inc. (TRIM), to which we entrust asset management, to meet the expectations of many stakeholders by better managing assets entrusted by investors and realizing growth, while taking into full account the governance of JPR as an investment corporation.

We ask for your continued understanding and support of our operations.

*1 At present,
JPR is sponsored by 4 companies, Yasuda Real Estate, Taisei Corporarion, Meiji Yasuda Insurance, and Tokyo Tatemono.