Initiatives on Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

In Pursuit of Enhancing Customer Satisfaction (CS)

Realizing better customer satisfaction (CS) should create opportunities to invite new tenants as well as to continue contracts with existing tenants.
JPR believes that it is the quickest way to enhance CS is to directly hear the requests and comments of tenants and users and reflect them to the facilities and services. Based on this belief, JPR takes a variety of measures.

Periodical CS Surveys

JPR periodically conducts CS surveys and inspections in order to check the level of its tenant services for each building.
Based on the inspection results, discussions are made to identify the issues and countermeasures for each building, with an aim to continuously enhance the services offered by JPR as a whole.
The surveys are consigned to a think tank, a third-party organization, to secure fair assessment results.

Inspection Flow Chart for CS

PM: property manager (leasing management)
BM: building manager (building management)

Changes in CS Survey Results

Based on the survey results, JPR addresses the requests from tenants as quickly as possible, endeavoring to improve the issues.
Through these continuous responses to tenants, their overall satisfaction (average) has been steadily enhanced.

[Overview of the 2017 CS Survey]
Survey period: April - June 201 Surveyed buildings: 40 buildings with 467 tenants
Questionnaire items: management and administration, responses to tenants,
crime prevention and safety, emergency responses and environmental preservation, etc.

Considerations Given to Security and Service

JPR provides high-quality services in consideration of safety and security of all the people who use the properties. By doing so, JPR works to enhance tenant satisfaction.

Keeping composed even in emergency
Disaster emergency response system

  • Utilize the disaster manual
  • Establish the disaster emergency response system

Preventing accidents caused by human errors
Enhanced safety at parking lots

  • Prepare safety standards for parking lots
  • Understand the current status and check conformity to the standards
  • Install, review and replace equipment
  • Securely explain how to use to managers and users

Greetings with a Smile
Improvement of staff manners

  • Prepare a manual for manners
  • Check staff manners periodically

Always kept clean
Raising levels of cleaning

  • Utilize cleaning check sheets
  • Periodically check the cleaning crew

Care for both smokers and non-smokers
Establishment of smoking rooms

  • Work jointly with Japan Tobacco Inc.
  • Proactively set up smoking rooms based on the CS surveys

Comfortable indoor space
Replacement of air-conditioners

  • Conduct strategic replacement based on the results of the CS surveys
  • Exercise energy-saving effects
  • Enhance comfort for people within the building

Making arrangements for seasonality
Performance at the entrance

  • Conduct three times (spring, summer and winter) a year
    Installation of flowers at the entrance (spring)
    Preparation of strips of paper conveying wishes with tenants at the Tanabata festival (summer)
    Decoration for Christmas (winter), etc.